Basic Folk 09 – Alex Stanton of townsppl

Hi! Welcome to Alex Stanton week! Alex is a Pittsburgh born and bred singer/songwriter who heads up the band townsppl. Growing up Stanton spent a lot of time hanging out where all the cool kids wanted to be, on the set of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His mother worked in the art department for the show … Read moreBasic Folk 09 – Alex Stanton of townsppl

Basic Folk 08 – Anais Mitchell

Anais Mitchell is about to hit Broadway with Hadestown! But first! The Vermont songwriter is on Basic Folk. Her folk opera, Hadestown, set to open at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway March 2019. Anais tells me about her childhood on a sheep farm in Vermont, growing up without a TV, and her parents brushing … Read moreBasic Folk 08 – Anais Mitchell

Basic Folk 04 – Nora Jane Struthers

 Nora Jane Struthers started in bluegrass, but has leaned towards Americana and rock and rock in the past decade. She’s also got an incredible life story that includes overcoming dyslexia, infertility and falling in love with her bandmate. She plays and records as Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line. Originally a high school English … Read moreBasic Folk 04 – Nora Jane Struthers

Basic Folk 03 – Anna Tivel

Anna Tivel is my guest this week. Tivel is known for her character songs that portray the beauty and pain in everyday individuals. Born in a small farming town in Skagit Valley, Washington, Anna came to songwriting as a recent college grad waiting tables in downtown Portland. Her first song, she reports, was about “whales … Read moreBasic Folk 03 – Anna Tivel

Basic Folk 02 – Suitcase Junket

In this week’s episode, I sit down (and basically LOL the entire time) with one-man-band Matt Lorenz of The Suitcase Junket. Originally from a small town in rural Vermont, Lorenz’s first instrument was a free, second-hand piano the family had gotten from a posting on a bulletin board. As his musical career continued so did … Read moreBasic Folk 02 – Suitcase Junket